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Cleaning floors: 6 tips to make your floors shine more than ever

Regardless of material or quality, all floors get dirty. That’ s just a fact. Fortunately, there are many products and methods at your disposal for proper floor cleaning. Some floors require more maintenance than others or special care, but in general, cleaning floors is very simple. 


In some cases, vacuuming or mopping is all that is needed. So if you want to know how to clean and renovate dirty floors, keep reading! We are Canada Floors Depot, recognized flooring distributors in Quebec and Canada. In this article, we present you 6 floor cleaning tips to follow to make your floors shine like a mirror!

1-Choose the right products

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The first step in floor cleaning is to know which products to use. Today there is a wide range of disinfectants, mops, brooms and polishing solutions that you can buy. Of course, you need to know which of these products is ideal for the floor of your home (hardwood, laminate, ceramic, etc.).  

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For example, you can’t use a vinyl floor cleaner on hardwood floors because of the risk of leaving stains. Likewise, not all mops or brooms work the same. For example, for cleaning hardwood floors you should use brooms with fine bristles that won’t scratch the surface.

As an extra tip, avoid products that are advertised with phrases like “scrub and shine” or “best cleaning solution for floors of all types in one product”. Why not? Because these cleaners, due to their chemical components, can cause a buildup that yellows and damages floors over time.

2-Vacuum or sweep before everything else

One of the floor cleaning tips you’ll find everywhere is to sweep or vacuum before mopping. Why? Because it will prevent your floors from becoming sticky messes. That is why you should sweep or vacuum to get rid of dirt, dust, grit and grime build-up. 


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3-Prepare buckets of hot water and cleaning solutions

Once you’ve removed the dirt and dust, it’s time to mop! To do this, prepare buckets of warm or hot water (ideal for removing stains or grime). Then, mix the water with the appropriate cleaning solution for your type of floor. You can even try home solutions such as detergent for vinyl floors or cleaning floors with vinegar for wood floors.

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An extra tip for scrubbing floors: don’t double the amount of cleaning product or overuse. This is not a good idea, as highly concentrated solutions of cleaners will not work. In the worst case, it will be more difficult to shine the floor. Always follow instructions and labels.

4-Start scrubbing

You don’t need to wet the entire surface to the point of flooding when cleaning your home’s floors. To do this, dip the mop into the buckets and then wring it out. Try to remove as much water as possible so that the mop is damp, not soaked. If the mop drips water, it can damage all types of flooring. 

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Then, start with mopping the floor from one end to the other if you’re using a cloth mop or in a straight line if you’re using a sponge mop. Once you find stubborn stains or spills, scrub quickly by applying pressure. If possible, apply a small amount of cleaner to the surface to be cleaned.


Remember to wring the mop continuously to remove all the dirty water from the mop head. Also, keep an eye on the wash water or cleaning solution so that it does not become dirty.

5-Final polishing

The penultimate tip for cleaning floors at home is to polish the entire surface. How? Using a polishing product or a home solution (white vinegar, lemon and even liquid soap). Of course, this will depend on the type of floor you have at home.

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You can shine your floor with a clean mop or with a sponge, whichever suits you best. 

6-Take a break and let everything dry

When you’re done mopping, dump the dirty water out of the buckets and wring out the mop. If possible, wash it in the process. Finally, let the floor dry completely before stepping on it to let cleaning solutions and polishes work their magic. 


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How often should I clean my floors?

Beyond floor cleaning tips and tricks, frequency is critical. There is no point in thoroughly cleaning the floors of your property once a month. As a general rule, high-traffic floors (living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms and hallways) should be cleaned twice a week.

Now that you know 6 tips for proper floor cleaning, what are you waiting for to put them into practice! With this little guide you will be able to extend the life of your floors and keep them shiny all the time.

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