How to install hardwood floor

How to install hardwood floor

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Installing a wood floor will undoubtedly give your home an exquisite, warm and soothing touch. They are certainly ideal for installation in living rooms, bedrooms or kitchens, but many people do not dare, because they think that maintenance is expensive and its duration relatively short.

However, the duration of wood floors is proportional to the quality of the company that sells them. In other words, buying in a prestigious place will ensure you a long-lasting floor. Also, installing a wood floor will give your home a more natural look. If you don’t know which floor to choose, we recommend an article that might interest you.

Something important to remember is that wood is not very sensitive to the temperature of the environment (as long as it has adapted) and, if it receives the appropriate care, your wood floor will offer great resistance, no matter how many years go by. Besides, they are hypoallergenic: you won’t have to worry about them absorbing dirt, such as hair or dust particles.

Instructions for installing a wood floor

Instructions for installing a wood floorIf you’ve purchased a wood floor, and are looking for recommendations for installation, you’ve come to the right place. With over 20 years of experience, at Canada Floors Depot we will tell you, step by step, how to install a wood floor. However, remember that, since this is a carpentry job, it is best done by a wood professional.

These instructions are, above all, a basic guide for you to know how to assemble it and what alternatives you have when installing your wood floor, so that the finish is the best. Now, without further ado, let’s get started.

Gather the tools for installation

Gather the tools for installationFirst you must get the tools to install a wood floor. It is important that you have a floor nail gun, a drill, a scroll saw, a carpenter’s hammer and a rubber hammer, as well as nails large enough (10 cm to 12 cm), so that you do not have any setbacks.

The wood filler should also be present, as well as the self-levelling foam to be placed on the sub-floor. In addition, cleaning tools such as brooms or a vacuum cleaner, effective against dust, are essential when starting the installation.

Prepare the space

If you want to install a wooden floor on cement or ceramic, you will have no problem. However, make sure that the surface is free of any reliefs that could cause unevenness in your wood floor. You can use a hammer and chisel to remove the edges, taking the necessary precautions.

Use protective glasses and thick clothing, as well as industrial gloves and boots. Then, sweep up any dust and check for moisture, so you don’t have any problems installing your wood floor.

Let the wood adapt to your home

Let the wood adapt to your homeAn important thing, when installing your wood floor, is to let it adapt to the climate of your home. Wood is highly hygroscopic. That is, it is capable of absorbing or releasing humidity from the environment, making it shrink or stretch.

That’s why, before installing it, you have to leave the wood in the place of installation for 3 days or more. Also consider the season of the year in which you will be installing your wood floor. We recommend installing it during spring or fall, when the weather is mild.

It’s time to cover the floor!

Once the wood is acclimated, you can start deploying a self-leveling foam, so that once the wood floor is installed, the impact with the subfloor is minimal. There are many products on the market, but the most recommended is polyethylene. This product will help the wood not to absorb humidity from the floor or damage it faster.

As soon as the surface is free of obstacles and dust, you have to cover it with a 5 mm to 7 mm polyethylene film. To unroll the polyethylene film on the surface, you must allow the sides to overlap by 8 cm to 12 cm. In addition, you have to press it, so that it adheres well and there are no bubbles.

Start installing the wood floor

Start installing the wood floorOnce this is done, you can start installing the wood floor. Keep in mind that installing a wood floor is easier, nowadays, due to the tongue and groove system. This system consists of a slot and a tongue, like a puzzle, which fit together uniformly.

For this reason, the installation of wood floors is simpler, but no less delicate. Finishing the first row is fundamental, since it will determine the direction of your work. That is, you have to make the boards fit together, and for that you can use the rubber hammer. Then, do the same with the other boards, so that the floor joint is tight and firm.

Another thing you must remember is to leave a space, between the wall and the wood, of 10 mm or 15 mm. As we said before, wood is hygroscopic. With this in mind, leaving that small gap will help the wood to expand, without cracking or curving. But don’t be alarmed: when you install the skirting boards, the wood floor will be left without any openings.

Nail the boards to the base

After starting to install the wood floor, you can use a nail gun to fix it smoothly. Handling a hammer or nail gun sounds easy. However, in order to use them, you must be very firm and determined, so that the nails are inserted without damaging the wood and no accidents occur.

Therefore, we recommend you to make guide holes with the help of the drill. This will make the nails go in better. Another recommendation is that, although the first rows of the floor can be nailed with the gun, the last ones are ideal to nail with the hammer. By doing so, you will have better grip and more control over the floor.

Now cut the wood…

When installing a wood floor, you must cut it to fit perfectly. Consider that there are things that are impossible to move from a room, such as pipes or wiring. Then, to make sure everything fits properly, you can make small cuts with a jigsaw on the wood.

Remember that first you have to measure the dimensions of the space and buy 10% more. Otherwise, you run the risk of wasting wood. Also, never forget to wear your safety glasses, gloves and appropriate clothing. Otherwise, when you make the cut, you can damage yourself with the splinters raised by the pressure of the saw.

Baseboards: what are they for?

Now you can start installing your wood floor in successive rows. Then, install the skirtings, which will help cover the gaps left between the wall and the wood. Skirtings are the base molding that joins the floor to the wall and has a design that should be adjusted to your requirements. They are also elegant and protect the base of the walls.

Last details to install your wood floor

Start installing the wood floorAfter the whole journey, we only have to place moldings, transitions and putty. The moldings and transitions should be placed where the floor and the wall do not meet. This way, the floor will be more stable and with a better finish.

On the other hand, the wood putty will help cover the nail holes. For best results, look for a color similar to your floor. Then, after the putty dries, sand and clean it immediately.

Installing wood flooring, oak or maple?

Finally, when installing a wood floor, we look for quality and longevity. For those reasons, the two big favorites in Canada and Quebec are oak and maple floors. On the one hand, installing oak flooring is a great option, because they are resistant and waterproof. In addition, oak wood gets a good finish with varnishes or paints.

Also, installing a maple wood floor is equally beneficial, due to its great resistance and good behavior to work with screws. Also, like oak wood, maple has an excellent finish with varnishes and paints.

So, as Canada Floors Depot, we seek the best of the best for you and facilities to install a wood floor, without complicating your life. We have in our catalog the best floors, and now that you know how to install a wood floor, contact us: with 20 years of experience, we will provide you the wood floor you always dreamed of.

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