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  • To provide our customers with the best shipping prices possible, we obtain shipping quotes on case-by-case basis to ensure low prices. To get an exact quote, please contact a Canada Floors Depot team member via phone, email, or by proceeding through the checkout process.
    • Warehouse: (514) 444-2222
    • Sam: (438) 341-3889
    • Guy: (514) 578-8355
    • info@canadafloorsdepot.com
  • Your stock can be ordered and held until you’re ready to install. This ensures you’ll be able to match your colour and that the stock is available at your needed date.
  • If you prefer to organize your own shipping, we will hold your order and work with your delivery company as best as possible. There are no storage fees for fully paid orders
  • Mountainous areas and ferry boats can affect pricing.
  • Shipping estimates are for up to 1100 sq feet of hardwood flooring and 1250 sq feet of engineered (1 Bundle). Some exotic wood species are much heavier than average flooring and may incur additional charges.
  • For orders placed in the USA, depending on location, some duty fees may apply. Current average we are experiencing is $175 CAD.
  • Higher quantities may have a marginal increase in shipping cost approximated for each additional bundle.What is listed are estimates for shipping costs based by geography. Prices may vary.›

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