6 Tips and tricks to cleaning your floors

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Floors get dirty. It’s only normal. It’s important to regularly and properly clean your flooring in order to extend it’s life and luster. Here are 6 tips that will help you know best to clean each type of flooring you may have in your home.

1. Cleaning Hardwood Floors
One of the two finishes of hardwood floors is polyurethane or wax.
Sealed floors are usually covered with a urethane, polyurethane or polyacrylic coating. This protects them from stains and water damage. To clean your floors, simply mix a quarter cup of mild soap with water in a bucket. Then, take a microfiber mop that will allow you to do the job quickly.
It is good practice to clean more frequently used areas (such as the kitchen) once a week. For less frequently used areas, mop once a month. This will help prevent bacteria from getting onto surfaces where animals or young children usually are.

2. Cleaning Laminate Floors
Your laminate floor may look like hardwood planks or natural stone tiles, but you still need to take care of it! The good news is that there are very few things that can harm a laminate floor. The boards are made of sun-resistant layers that remain practically new for years. It is important to prevent water from getting under the boards. Dry cleaning or vacuuming will solve this problem. If necessary, clean stains with a slightly damp mop.

3. Cleaning Bamboo Floors
Bamboo flooring is durable, beautiful and in some cases, softer and more prone to nicks and scratches than other hardwood floors.

Use the same cleaning solution on bamboo as on hardwood floors: mix ¼ cup of mild soap in a bucket of water. Mop the floor with a slightly damp mop, wiping excess moisture with a dry microfiber cloth. This will increase the longevity and look of your bamboo floors.

4. Cleaning Vinyl Floors
To clean vinyl flooring, try this technique: Gently mix 1/4 cup of vinegar in a 16-ounce spray bottle with 1 drop of dishwashing soap and warm water.

Spray the floor one section at a time and wipe it with a damp microfiber mop as you go. For periodic deep cleaning, use a steam cleaner to clean between the grout. Steam does the job of removing stains and bacteria.

5. Cleaning Natural Stone Floors
Do not use vinegar to clean your stone floors! Even a small amount of acidic liquid can damage them, as can bleach and ammonia. Instead, mop stone floors with a pH-neutral cleaner that will not react negatively to minerals on natural surfaces.

6. Cleaning Porcelain Tiles
To clean porcelain flooring, spray the floor one section at a time with wipe up the moisture quickly so as to leave it dry. You should spray your tiles with a simple mixture of 1/4 cup of vinegar in a 16 oz. spray bottle with 1 drop of dishwashing soap and hot water.

For regular deep cleaning, use a steam cleaner to clean the tiles and in between the grout. Steam does a great job of removing stains and bacteria.

If you have anymore questions on how to maintain your flooring, please reach out to the experts at Canada Floors Depot via email: info@canadafloorsdepot.com.