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Get to know the hardwood flooring trends for 2022

What are the hardwood flooring trends for 2022?  Perhaps, a more accurate question would be “are there hardwood flooring trends every year, like with clothing?”. Many people ignore it, but there are. And the truth is that there is a lot to be said on this subject.

And the fact is, the carpentry business (and specifically, the hardwood flooring business) is one that tends to be constantly changing because of what customers are looking for. This new year is no exception. It’s already a year full of new trends in this area.

Do you want to know more about the subject to have your home set in the best possible way? Do not miss the opportunity and continue reading this interesting article that we bring you from Canada Floors Depot, we are experts in everything related to flooring in Canada!

That’s right, we work with every type of flooring you can imagine (wood, porcelain, vinyl, etc.)! Needless to say, the latest trends in wood flooring will surprise you. Let’s stop reading and learn how to give the best possible look to the floor of your house!

Definitive guide to new trends in wood floors

There is something about hardwood flooring that appeals to people in a big way. It is not known for sure what it is, but it probably has to do with the way they look. This would explain why there are floors of other materials (such as ceramic and vinyl) that mimic the texture, at least pictorially.

Although these types of floors that imitate wood are quite popular today (clarifying that there are many types of wood floors), lately people prefer real wood.

And let’s not deny it, modern wood floors have a timeless appeal that blends and matches perfectly with any environment!  Not to mention their durability. If you want to learn more about it, read this article: How to install hardwood floor, ideal for learning the basics of installation. There are more like these articles on our blog, explore it at this link!

Many people don’t know it, or don’t believe it, but wood floors can last for many decades if installed and treated properly. Plus, they are easy to maintain and even repair when they wear out. Not to mention that they give environments a more natural, organic feel.

With all of the above clarified, we are pleased to introduce you to the latest trends in hardwood flooring. Let’s start with our top 5:

1. New colors.

Something that started to be done a couple of months ago is to innovate when it comes to the colors of wood floors. Gone is the belief that these can only be brown or the natural color of the wood (which are still trending, in fact).

Right now, there are many more popular wood flooring color options than the ones that have been around forever. Going for these new flooring colors has been a great move for many flooring stores, as, more and more people are looking for them.

Some new wood floor colors range from reddish tones, to very light, almost yellow. Others, also very popular right now, are gray wood floors.

2. Natural tones

A general rule for everything seems to be: if something works, don’t change it. Natural colors are not exactly modern wood floors. In fact, they are a classic that continues to work, even with the passing of time! Important: just because they are classic doesn’t mean they are boring.

In fact, these floors for the home (especially light wood floors) are among the most sought after for the dynamism they communicate: they help improve lighting, make small environments look more spacious, among other benefits.

3. Parquet floors

Parquet floors

Another classic among classics: parquet floors. These are not exactly a modern flooring option either. It seems that they are here to stay, and why not? There are so many ways you can install them. Some let your imagination run wild with wood flooring ideas: patterns, rows, columns, traditional and more.

4. Recycled Flooring

Recycled Flooring

Going green is one of the hardwood flooring trends in 2022 (and boy, should it ever be). Giving a second life to what for others is waste is a great way to be responsible with the environment and the use of non-renewable resources.

That’s why so many people are choosing to install recycled wood flooring. The options in this category are as many, as if it were the conventional flooring of a lifetime.

Despite the above, most people prefer to leave them the natural color of the wood. This provides a very enviable vintage look for many (especially on dark wood floors).

5. Smoked look floors

Surprised by the trends in wood flooring colors? Wait till you see this: smoked look wood floors are also popular lately. We might all think that this is something more common in floors made of other materials (like typical ceramic tile). However, this is a surprise.

It may be that the smoked look gives the wood floor a more natural look. They certainly look beautiful. A good idea would be, for example, to use it in country houses. And even, in urban homes, they are a great modern kitchen flooring option (for the same reason of looking more natural).

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Well, now you know the latest trends in wood flooring for this year. We wish we have been able to clear all your doubts regarding the flooring trends in 2022. Do you want to change your floor? Don’t think twice and give your environment the best style.

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