How to remove hardwood floor

How to remove hardwood floor

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Of course, installing a wood floor can be difficult when we don’t know how to proceed, but how difficult is it to remove it? Removing a wood floor requires a lot of patience, dedication, and above all skill, even following instructions that promise to “reduce” your work, with indications that many times are not even relevant.

Certainly, wood floors are a great option, but over the years they can crack or make a lot of noise when walking. That’s why, no matter what your reasons are, at Canada Floors Depot we have the definitive guide to removing a wood floor. If you are interested and looking for the best solution, stay with us: you won’t regret it.

Definitive guide to remove a wood floor

In this article we will show you how to remove a wood floor. However, as it is a carpentry job, the intervention of a specialized person is recommended.

For this reason, although the article is focused on the assumption that you will remove it, it can also serve to evaluate how third-party proceeds when removing your wood floor. Having clarified the above, let’s get started.

Get tools

Get tools To remove a wood floor, we first need tools to make the job easier. With that in mind, we must have at our disposal: nail bar, carpenter’s hammer, pressure pliers, circular saw and floor scraper.

In addition, protection has to be paramount for you. Knowing that this is not an easy activity, it is good to get mentally prepared to spend a lot of time in uncomfortable positions. So, to remove a wooden floor, kneepads and goggles should never be missing. Neither should a thick canvas gabacha.

Prepare the space

To begin removing your wood floor, you must determine how thick it is. This will be done after you have removed the skirting boards or any other edges of the floor. Removing skirting boards will be easier with a chisel and a hammer.

Once you have removed them, proceed to verify the thickness in the opening that was left between the boards and the wall, with the help of a ruler or tape measure: having the exact measurement is very important, to start the next step.

Start cutting

Start cuttingWith the help of a circular saw, cutting will be easier. Now, so that you don’t have any problems, adjust the saw to the measure obtained in the previous step, and also make cuts along the lines that join the boards to each other.

Now, when removing your wood floor, we recommend that you divide the space into sections of one square foot (or two). You can do this with the help of a tape measure and chalk. Then, using a ruler, draw lines on the floor to act as a guide so you don’t derail when you pass the circular saw.

Now, to remove wood

Removing the wood floor is challenging, but not impossible. To make it easier for you, it’s important to have a nail bar and a hammer on hand. With these tools, we seek to generate leverage under the floor, from the ground, so that the boards, previously cut, come off without any inconvenience.

Likewise, we recommend that you start removing your wood floor from the wall and then go, row by row, until you reach the center. When you have removed all the paintings, discard the waste (or you can sell it, donate it, etc.).

Then, remove staples and nails

remove staples and nails It’s amazing how many staples or nails a wood floor can hold. It is true that the tongue and groove system makes things easier, but it is always good to be sure of its stability. The problem is when removing a wood floor. Without exaggerating, a wood floor needs about 8,000 staples (depending on the length, of course).

But don’t worry, here are some alternatives that will make your job easier. To begin with, the tools you can use range from the nail bar to the carpenter’s hammer, or the pressure pliers. These tools will make it easier for you to remove the nails: the staples that cause you problems will almost come out by themselves.

Use a scraper

Then you have to use a floor scraper. This tool will help you remove the glue that is left on the subfloor. Doing such a procedure can become tedious, but it is necessary so that you do not have problems when installing a new floor.

Remember that, despite the tongue and groove system, it is always necessary for the floors to be in perfect condition. In addition, when installed by wood professionals, the difficulty in removing a floor increases considerably. That is why it is important to use the scraper, to dose the last process.

Time to clean up!

Finally, when the wood floor has been removed, all that remains is to remove any traces of glue. Depending on whether the subfloor is vinyl, cement or other material, this may be the alternative to make your job easier.

An important recommendation is to pour boiling water so that, with the heat, the glue melts. Then place rags over the hot water and, when they have cooled down, remove them while you clean up what is left on the subfloor.

From there, you can pass the broom or the vacuum cleaner, not before removing the nails or staples scattered in the place. To do this, use a magnet. Besides reducing your work, it will be very useful, especially to find iron where you least expect it.

3 fundamental tips for removing your wood floor

fundamental tips for removing your wood floor

  • Try to keep your workspace clean. This will help you to have a clearer view and no inconvenience when cutting or measuring.
  • Also, to make it easier to remove the floor, work along the length of the board with the nail bar and don’t try to remove it all at once. You can also use a hammer to help you.
  • And what to do with the unruly nails? To remove them without complications you can add a cola with bubbles or hydrogen peroxide, and when it has rested, the nails will come out with the minimum effort. Another alternative is to heat the nail with a lighter. When it is already hot, you can remove it without any problem.

Once the wood floor is removed, you can install your new floor. If you are looking for a quality, long lasting wood floor, Canada Floors Depot has what you need. With over 20 years, we have established ourselves as a national reference in wood flooring. You are important to us, and that’s why we look for alternatives, so you can get the house of your dreams. If you are interested, contact us: we are here to serve you with quality at the best price.

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